Security Systems

There are different types of security systems that can be installed in a building including commercial industrial and residential properties. Some of these systems are designed to secure entry points or anything that opens. 

We specialize in Alarm, Close Circuit Television (CCTV) , Intercom and other security systems . We able to source and install top of the range quality equipment that will give you peace of mind. Before any installation is done, our technicians led by our technical manager will consult with you to assess your security needs and determine type of equipment your building requires.

Garage Door & Gate Automation

We source only the best products and employ highly trained people to install and maintain your home and business automation systems.


We know the type and quality of the motor your garage door needs. Ventoq Technology Systems is able to source and install all types of garage doors and motors for your garage.


We do not any source and install gates but also manufacture them to suite your needs. We are able to supply and install all types if gates including sliding and swing gates

Gate Automation

Remote controlled gate systems allow the freedom to move in and your premises without the need to manually open your gate. We source, supply and install all types of gate motors including batteries, remotes & mobile phone integration.

Let's do a risk assesment of your premises

We only send out qualified and trained professionals when site-visits are done. 
Our office will also provide the name and credentials of the person who will meet with you beforehand.