Since its establishment, Ventoq Technology Systems has always been involved in fencing installation as a division of its security systems package. Our fencing division has full capacity to install all types of fences including Clear View, Welded Mesh, Razor Wire, Palisade Fence and Electric Fence. 

Our fence installers are highly experienced and combined they have more than 25 years of fence installation in various parts of South Africa. We have installed more than 1600 various types of fences on varying sizes pieces of land and buildings since 2012 all over the country. Our experience in installation can be compared to some of the largest installers around the country.


Over the years, Ventoq Technology Systems managed enter into general fencing industry. Through subcontracting, collaboration, recruitment and training with the major players in the industry, we gradually development skilled and know of fence construction or installation. We are able to install fences of any type and seizes all over South Africa including urban and rural as well as agricultural land. Fences are installed for a variety of reasons including security, animal control and access control as well as protection of property. At Ventoq Technology System we specialize in the installation of Clear View, Palisade and High Security Fences.

Clear View

There are various types of Clear View fence- from High security to Low security. This fence is known as Anti-Cut, Anti-Climb type of fence with CCTV optimized security barriers. Installation of this fence will certainly increase aesthetic look of your property as well as its value. Clear View is suitable for any area and there are various types that one can choose from including Pre-galvanized, Hot-Galvanized, Coated and many other types. It comes in different colors and or customized colors. Our trained and certified technicians are able to install any type of Clear View fence. Our established relationship with suppliers and manufacturers enables us to sources Clear View fence at discounted prices. We pass this discount to you so that the fence become affordable to you.


Steel Palisade fence is your standard security fence for large open areas, houses, complexes tec. Palisade fence is durable and easy to repair. We install all types of Palisade fence made of solid steel. We have installed 110 Palisade fences in 2018 all over the country. Palisade fence is strong and tamper proof. There are many different finishes to choose from and colors including galvanized, painted green or black or raw. At Ventoq Technology Systems, we are able to source any type of Palisade fence and expertly install it and thereafter give you warranty on workmanship and on material. No area is too big for us when it comes to installation of Palisade Fence.

Razor Wire

We have the capability to install various types of Razor Wire like Flatwrap Razor Wire Concertina Coil. This fence is designed to deter entry into the property and also protect property. It can be installed on top of parameter wall of any type or as a standalone. Our Razor wire installers have the requisite experience, skills and knowledge of Razor fence. Before we install, we conduct site visit for assessment. Thereafter we will advise on the best suitable Razor wire needed for your situation.

Let's do a risk assesment of your premises

We only send out qualified and trained professionals when site-visits are done. 
Our office will also provide the name and credentials of the person who will meet with you beforehand.