About Us

Ventoq Technology Systems was established by a Team of Visionary Technical Engineers, Systems Technicians and Entrepreneurs.  

Our technical Staff-Compliment is qualified, highly Skilled and Experienced. Combined they have more than 20 years accumulated Industry Experience. The sole purpose of the Company is to provide Access Control and Automation, Security Systems Solutions to its many Clients around South Africa in Urban and Rural areas. 

Nothing is impossible when it comes to security, in this regard, we employ fully Automated Access Control and Technologically Advanced Security Systems. We work with our manufactures to ensure that you get maximum benefit from their systems. For your PEACE of MIND and security we supply, install, maintain and repair all systems installed by or any installer.

Unbelievable Results

Keeping you safe, keeping you informed, 
keeping you up to date with the latest security technology trends

Pro Active

Maintain Your Hardware

With our highly experienced repair and maintenance crew, we are able to ensure that all your systems are in perferct working order.

A Leading Team

Let's Innovate

Through our cooperation and association with the manufactures, we always find a solution for all your security and automation requirements.

Reliable Company

We Do it Right

Our skilled service technicians always ensure that every installation complies to regulated standards and manufacturerrs prequisites, ensuring unmatched warranty compliance.

Why Do You Need It?

Every one need to not only feel safer in their Homes, Work, Buildings etc but want to be secure and ensure their assets and loved ones are also safe. With high crime rate including break-ins, trespassing etc, who doesn’t want to control movement in and out of their premises. Access Control and Automation, gives you full control of who comes in and out of your building. CCTV Systems, Electric Fence, Intercoms, Automated Gate and Garage Systems will certainly make you you feel much safer from unauthorized entries into your premises. Fencing will ensure that no one get in and will obviously keep away intruders.

Let's do a risk assesment of your premises

We only send out qualified and trained professionals when site-visits are done. 
Our office will also provide the name and credentials of the person who will meet with you beforehand.